With son Lev in 2014



I was born in Russia, lived and studied in the US, and landed in Berlin quite unexpectedly. While studying illustration at Pratt Institute, I began to paint on the streets of New York and learned to make work inseparable from its place and context. Soon, I painted my first murals and the power to transform spaces with a bit of paint and some hard work has gripped me ever since.

What led me to painting for children is simple enough - I've had one! (and then another). Slowly but surely, I began to glimpse and relive the dreamy reality and the real dreams that children inhabit.


Each of my kids murals is designed and hand-painted uniquely for a child and their little kingdom. While the initial concept is often imagined by the children and their parents, a mural's final design caters to each room's specific spatial and aesthetic considerations to create a perfect fit.

A mural is a culmination of countless brushstrokes, mistakes, squinting - it is hard and loving work that leaves a precious mark not just in the child's room but in their growing being. Its an honor to create a window to a fantastical world that will become an integral part of a child's life.

Entire building painted in Beelitz, Germany


Each mural starts with an idea, a talk, and eventually a sketch. Decisions concerning the color scheme are intertwined with the physical space, the mood, and the theme of the mural.

I use non-toxic natural paints which are based on Goethe's color theory. The paints are based on embodying harmony, so I find them to be a perfect choice for kids rooms. I'm also fond of accenting my work with gold-leaf for the light and movement that it lends to spaces.